Q: What is iKidzCare?

A: iKidzCare is Web Application along with iPad app to cater to Daycare management needs.

Q: What is iKidzCare iPad App for?

A: iPad app serve the purpose of bio-metric attendance machine for staff and students. It has some reports and school management - parents’ communication features as well.

Q: To use iKidzCare for my Daycare, do I need any special training?

A: No! It is so intuitive and user-friendly that even the normal computer user can easily navigate iKidzCare. You may contact us by Phone or Email, for any specific support you may require.

Q: Does iKidzCare have everything I need to keep records of my Child Care business?

A: iKidzCare is comprehensive software that fulfils most requirements of a Daycare center management. If you have a specific need not found in iKidzCare, you may write to us and we may add that feature if we find it useful.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of children I can put in the program?

A: There is no limit on number of children.

Q: What if I need help? How do I get support?

A: Please email us at contact@ikidzcare.com or you may call at +1 (678) 825-8886

Q: Can I Try or have a ‘Demo’ where I can actually see iKidzCare working?

A: Yes. Write to us at contact@ikidzcare.com giving your contact and school details, and we shall arrange a Demo for you.