Current Features

iKidzCare provides a complete software solution for managing any type of childcare or school-age program. All features work together to save you time and increase the efficiency and professionalism of your center.

Discover all you can do with iKidzCare:

School Administration

iKidzCare provides a broad range of services to schools and in particular school administrators. It helps in managing school related information and administrative tasks such as accounting, attendance, data handling etc.

Teachers/Employee Management

Keeping comprehensive data on your Daycare staff is also a breeze in iKidzcare. In addition to employment and contact data, you can also manage certifications, staff development and job performance notes and plan work schedules.

School Programs management

Modeled after the structure of a PreSchool office, iKidzCare software uses familiar recordkeeping concepts to organize your information. Manage multiple centers within a single database making it easy to provide consolidated reporting, while limiting access to data based on user-rights.

Classroom Management

It focuses on ways teachers can effectively collaborate with and support parents’ school involvement, and promote home-to-school consistency. The Teacher Classroom Management Program is useful for teachers, teacher aides, school psychologists, and school counselors.

Family and Child Records Management with ‘search’

Track and maintain virtually unlimited data about parents and children. Best of all, your screens and fields can be customized to match your forms to speed data entry and track only the information you need to run your childcare program effectively.

Fees Management

Calculate and post fees accurately in minutes. Save hours each week on billing, and ensure that you are charging and receiving payment for all extra hours, late fees and additional childcare services your provide.

Family Ledger Management

Our accounting 'road map' provides easy to understand visual navigation and functionality. A powerful yet simple double data entry system lets you easily set up and maintain efficient financial records. Ledger maintains a complete history of family charges, deposits and payments.

Relationships between parent and school Management

Personalized emails and letters are a cinch with iKidzCare features, while our e-marketing solution gives you simple visual tools (no coding!) for sending and tracking e-newsletters. For urgent messages, our broadcast phone message service ensures everyone is contacted.

Number of well formatted
useful reports for school

Make better business decisions with the right reporting. iKidzCare comes with dozens of useful reports that give complete flexibility to sort and filter on any field(s) you want so you get exactly the information you need.

Late fee Management

Automatically post recurring childcare fees based on schedules, post late fees to ledger, generates aging reports, year-end statements and other reports. iKidzCare provides complete transaction audit trail.

Students & Teachers/Staff Attendance

iKidzCare makes it easy to track both child and staff attendance, which can be used for any attendance-based billing or staff payroll purposes.