Daycare Management Software that saves
Cost & Time!

Why Choose iKidzCare?

Parent, Child & Staff Recordkeeping

Daycare Management Software for directors, owners, teachers and parents.

Customizable Screens & Reports

Number of well formatted useful reports for school

Schedule & Attendance Management

Turn time and attendance management data into a plan for workforce improvement – with our software

Parent & staff Communication

Improve relationships with families, communicate more efficiently, and keep everyone on the same page.


Easily modify screens, fields and reports to your specific needs!


Approaching 10 years of childcare experience

Ease of Use

iKidzCare matches how you organize information. Data is a mouse-click away!


Time-savings is the #1 reason clients say they love iKidzCare!

Low Cost & Low Risk

Price includes everything you need - plus unlimited support, and regular product enhancements. No big upfront investment. No setup or data conversion charge. Cancel anytime.

Anywhere Access

A computer and online access brings the office to you. Staff can easily login and view their schedules and classes from home.

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